Сanada Goose jackets

canada goose outlet Recently I read an interesting thread Canada Goose Warranty. But what is your personal opinion about Сanada Goose jackets? They really are so unique and fully comply with their price? Or their great popularity and the high price is partly the result of advertising? Up to today, I’ve never had anything from the Canada Goose. I see in stores a lot of jackets, which look much nicer (at least, at least, not worse), and the fabric and the content of lining are impressive. However, their price is much lower. What is the secret of Canada Goose? Please, share your personal experience if any.
Have you done a search? Every fall/winter there are tons of CG threads.

I used to own a CG bomber. I got tired of all the university douche’s wearing it so I bought an Eddie Bauer parka.
sent my coat in cause color is fading. Canada goose lost it
canada goose outlet sale I originally bought my jacket many moons ago. Just before the wave hit, so before the quality went down. The jacket itself is quality and extremely warm. But it’s just too short, living in our climate you need a Parka.
This. Does Canada Goose use any tech in improving their coats? It’s the same thing year in and year out. The same material, still not waterproof. Cheaper quality, smaller furs, etc. Price goes up, quality goes down. Used to be a fan. I’m not one anymore. Better options out there. Plus when you pay for exclusivity and find that everyone is wearing the same jacket…eh… not cool.
Did you get it on their website? They’re with decent prices (and looks like 40% off), but those ~$90 in Taxes, duties, and shipping kinda kills the deal.

canada goose outlet nyc: their stores here are also 40% off. got the superior parka for 270 tax in
I doubt they will ever use any “tech” fabric in their coats since they aren’t a “tech” clothing company unless they come out with a separate line.

canada goose outlet store locations Besides collabs in different fabrics, I think it’s a little harder for outerwear companies to come out with new designs – especially since they already have a lot of models – or if in wrong forgive as I don’t follow CG. I’m sure CG plays it safe with their designs.

I look at crescents down works a US based outerwear company that is nowhere as big as CG but they only have like 5-6 pieces in their collection. They, however, do runs with certain labels and come out in different fabrics – wool shells instead their usual 60/40 cotton – nylon.

When I say tech, I mean things like lighter materials, waterproof, etc. Their standard jackets have the same exact materials. The same crappy cuffs and drawcords.

canada goose official website Other outerwear companies are doing it who charge less for their coats. What exactly does CG have over them besides a ridiculous markup?

When I say tech, I mean things like lighter materials, waterproof, etc. Their standard jackets have the same exact materials. The same crappy cuffs and drawcords.

canada goose outlet store uk Other outerwear companies are doing it who charge less for their coats. What exactly does CG have over them besides a ridiculous markup?

Yes, I know what u meant – when I meant “tech” I meant CG is not known for using technical fabrics like Arcteryx, stone island etc….
I just don’t see their main line going in this direction… Plus I’m sure if they were to introduce technical fabrics you would already have to pay a premium on top the premium u already pay to own a CG…

Canada Goose is made in Canada.
Its 50%off now, one men’s parka there looks like CG’s Black Label, the one thing are the clunky metal buttons but is pretty warm and fabric could stand abuse, fitting is good as well!

Which isn’t really a feature… All that means is labor is jacked up which contributes to the cost. I can point out Fjallraven a Swedish company makes their pieces in china, Vietnam, Indonesia yet the quality control is top notch whereas the QC for CG has been declining over the last couple years.

CG produces hard shells similar to Arcteryx with their own material known as tri durance HS (197GSM, TRI-DURANCE HS [86%] NYLON + [14%] SPANDEX, 3L) but I don’t find it as good as Arcteryx which uses 3L Goretex pro Np40-100x. CG hard shells priced around $550-$675 cads. Roughly the same range as Arcteryx except for their SV models which are way higher.

Made in Canada…that’s why…find a better quality jacket that’s made in Canada…you can’t

If you don’t need/care about made in Canada, you will get better value

It’s a feature that people want…similar to the made in Japan/Germany/Italy for electronics, metallurgy, clothing respectively

But this just shows you can’t call CG overpriced when you acknowledge they have higher costs due to made in Canada…not like you can find something of similar quality/design that’s made in Canada for substantially less

Yes… you… can. Did you know Arcteryx was a Canadian company for decades with current HQ still based in North Vancouver?? All high-end Arcteryx pieces (mace down, SV shells, etc.) are still made there despite being bought by Amer sports a decade ago. Arctic Bay are all made in Canada and quality outstrips CG. No doubt there are others. All we’re saying is CG has declined in quality (cheapening materials) and lowered QC. It’s a fact not an opinion. No doubt it’s due to mass production… from a family owned business to worldwide sales, this is an obvious side effect. It happened to Northface, Columbia, and others once they thought of the profit side more than the quality side.

No jacket is worth $1,000. Canada Goose is all about marketing and hype. People think they are cool by wearing it and rich.

When did Vietnam become Canada? That’s where my Arc’teryx is made in

No doubt CG has had to cost cut…you can’t keep prices the same as costs go up.. the price of CG is comparable to made in China and made in Bangladesh or whatever other developing country … so of course quality is cut to compensate…
Moreover, entirely different products…unless Arc’teryx is making down filled jackets? I don’t think I’ve seen it

I can attest to the want of having my clothing made in US / Canada / Japan / etc since a majority of my clothing – not just outwear is from these places. However, I wouldn’t dismiss something that is made in China. I think manufacture origins is a good indicator or quality but I don’t think its the be all end all. Like I said I have some RRL chinos which are made in China but they beat out my Wings + Horns (Canada) and Unis (US – now they are overseas) hands down. Also, Nanamica is a Japanese company that produces a lot of their stuff in China. I have one of their cortex macs and quality wise its up to their with my Nigel Cabourn stuff – I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Namanica item despite the country of origin.
…And are even more overpriced than Canada Goose! I’m convinced that you base your jacket advice, for people who want to look like arctic explorers in some of the mildest weather on our continent, on the MSRP.

I’m convinced you know nothing about outerwear. See, peeps on canadagoosejacketoutlett.com think they can get a fashion jacket all slim and shaped and at the same time have all the functional and technical properties all in one. Unfortunately 95% of the time it doesn’t work that way… and every year we get the same lame threads with comments like yours. *welp* 2nd of all, being a smart shopper is as much required as being an expert on technical aspects of outerwear. As for arctic bay, I scored it for 40% off retail brand new. Let’s see you do that with a brand new CG off the rack.

First, you complain about peeps choosing non-cdn outerwear and now you complain about a can company with more expensive outerwear but way better quality than CG. When in doubt please visit Walmart.

Took CG long enough to introduce shoulder backpack straps for men models this year. One of the few reason why I regret buying a men models instead of a women’s model couple years back. It gets rather hot wearing this behemoth around inside.

Huh? When did I complain? I simply said made in Canada will result in higher prices.I never said anything about quality…I’m the one always saying China has much higher quality than Canada in textiles …

I simply stated the indisputable fact that made in Canada is a premium and a 1k jacket made in China will be higher quality than a 1k jacket made in Canada since the made in China can benefit from lower labor and use it towards quality

But that doesn’t change the fact that made in Canada just like made in Japan/Germany etc is desired by people for other products.
You don’t understand?

Quality is determined by the original manufacturer and designers. QC determines whether those outsourced (contracted) factories adhere to the original design specs (aka quality). Your statement is FALSE. Jackets are outsourced to reduce a cost of labor. They don’t “shift” that saved cost to quality. If a jacket is priced 1k it doesn’t mean a 1k outsourced jacket has more “quality” than a can made the 1k jacket. Price and profit margin is determined by head office not the outsourced country, lol. For example, apple produces iPhones at a Foxconn plant in china. It doesn’t mean because the manufacturer’s cost of that phone is $15 bucks that $985 is put into the “quality” aspect more so than if the same $1k phone was produced at a plant in Cupertino, CA and Mfg cost was $150/iphone. It’s cuz apple has rigid QC standards at all its plants. Therefore the same phone at Foxconn is no different than an iPhone made in USA (which they don’t anyway but for sake of comparison). The result is the same quality but much higher net profit ratio for apple and the shareholders. The point being made is CG has lost it’s QC, producing a more poorly made product than compared to its past whilst at the same time increasing cost yet cheapening the materials. Point blank.

Because people like you think you need a waterproof parka.

you lose the argument and tuck your tail and run away?

do you even know anybody who has a factory in china and Canada? do you even know how the fashion industry works?

are you saying a 1k jacket made in china won’t have more margin for better quality?

yes quality is sourced/spec to the factory… fact is 1k can spec you a lot higher quality from a Chinese factory than you can in Canada and more often, it’s not just price, regardless of how much you’re willing to pay, you can’t spec a high-quality jacket made in Canada since we don’t have the skilled labor to produce it.

I think waterproofing is a nice to have vs a need especially during winter and snow unless you are rolling around in the snow for some reason. I would be more concern with the material being able to block out the wind, however, if a jacket is waterproof it will also be windproof.

in my view, waterproof outers on down-insulated jackets (which are ostensibly for sub-zero temperature conditions) are mostly about peace of mind. and also possibly a result of what Iran mentioned above. companies trying to make their jackets windproof realized that they were basically also making them waterproof as a side effect. so they might as well market both features.

personally, durability is higher on my priority list for a jacket I’m gonna spend over $700 on. as long as it’s moisture and the wind resistant enough.

Fair enough, but if I’m paying $1000+ for a coat, it needs to go above and beyond. We’re not talking about the quality coats CG used to make years ago. Now the quality has dropped significantly.